About Me

Patricia Agnello
Hello, my name is Patricia. I was born in Italy, but my family and I moved to the United Stated when I was a young child. I have been living in the United States most of my life and consider this country my home. I was also born with the two natural gifts. One as a natural intuitive, and the other as an energy reader. As a I child I didn’t know how to explain it or what to call it. I had many questions for the Universe which were never answered to my satisfaction by others. I realized early on that people did not have as many questions as I did and probably did not care about how this Universe functions to the degree that I exhibited.
I made it my mission to get my questions answered, which embarked me in a life-long journey of reading hundreds of metaphysical books, doing countless programs, as well as studying just about every healing modality that is out there today.
The knowledge that I have acquired in the last 30 years has fine tuned my skills and made me an exceptional life coach/healer/intuitive consultant.
I would love to share my gifts with you, please contact me today.

Love and Light,